Access Control

An Access Control system allows you to control and monitor who has access to your premises. This can be tailored to individual people and even programmed to prevent access past a certain time, reducing the risk of a stolen access FOB or access card being used at a time the premises may be vacated. Centralised software allows you to record the time of entry and the exact card used to enter. The software has the facility to delete an access FOB or access card off the system with immediate effect.


All access control systems come with battery backup so that in the event of a mains failure the lock is still engaged and door still secure.

Access Control Readers

The Access Control Readers reads the encoded information on the card or FOB. The Access Control Reader detects the embedded information on the card or fob from a distance of 4 centimetres and upwards. They can be a Networked reader, which is controlled by a central computer and is programmed remotely. The readers can be Stand Alone which means that the reader only controls one door and all programming is carried out at the reader.

Audio and Video Intercoms

Audio and video Intercoms are an excellent access tool because they require the entrant to show their identity before gaining access.